Where the carb, protein, fat and calorie targets came from [Updated]

28 Jun

The targets I’m measuring against came from two sources:

Metric Daily Target Per-meal Target
Carbohydrate (g) 198 33
Protein (g) 109-146 24
Fat (g) 81 13.5
Calories consumed <2,450 417
Calories burned 3,450  
Calories burned at Farrell’s 500  

The carbohydrate and protein daily targets are part of the Farrell’s program. At the beginning of the class, they give you a spreadsheet with which to calculate ideal targets for your food-as-fuel. [See Update Below]

The fat daily target comes from the Bodybugg software, which estimates it based on it’s questionnaire. Note that it also produces carb and protein targets but I like the Farrell’s ones better, so I use those.

The actual carb, protein and fat measurements come from the Bodybugg food log, in which I enter everything I eat, pretty much every day. It’s a huge timesaver and very easy to use.

The calories burned and calories consumed targets are generated from the Bodybugg software. Note the difference between the two is 1,000 calories per day. If I wasn’t doing resistance training or putting on any muscle, I’d lose around 2 lbs. / week. But since adding lean body mass is a core part of the program, I expect to lose about 1.9 lbs/week or thereabouts.

The calories burned at Farrell’s target is based on my Bodybugg observations for the past few weeks during the aerobic program. When I’m really pushing it to “level 10” I burn around 500 calories in the 45 minute class. Note that it’ll be less every other day, when we’re doing resistance training.

The per-meal Targets come from the six meals over the course of a day, assuming they’re about evenly distributed (e.g. I just divided the daily targets by six to make it easy to estimate how much each meal should be).

[Update 8/18/2010]

I’ve updated the numbers slightly based on feedback from Farrell’s and since my weight has changed since starting. I’ll keep updating them occasionally as needed.


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