Why I made this blog

28 Jun

I guess I felt like I have a story to tell that might be interesting to those looking to get in shape using actual hard work, exercise and eating healthy.

The story goes like this.

Two years ago, I entered a 7-mile race in my hometown of Davenport, Iowa. My plan was to walk it, thinking that’d be pretty easy. Well, it wasn’t easy, I walked most of it, then barely hobbled to the finish line. By that time – around 2+ hours later! – my hips hurt, my body ached, and my pride was injured.

At just about 250 pounds, in a mostly sedentary job, I knew I just couldn’t go on like that.

So I decided to change. A friend of mine introduced me to the Bodybugg, a gadget that you wear on your arm that monitors your calorie burn rate, which you then compare to your calorie intake. Being an analytical sort, I knew this kind of approach would work for me. So I got one, ate a bit better and exercised more, and within four months I had lost about 30 pounds – I looked much better, felt much better and was much more confident in just about everything I did. That was in the Fall of 2008.

I ran the Bix in 2009 – really ran it, mostly! – and finished it in 1:29:05 – a huge improvement! And it felt good to run it!

But that’s where I hit the plateau – I wobbled around that weight, about 210-220, for the next year or so. I needed to take the next step.

I had some friends from work go through the Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping program, who described it at “like boot camp” and “brutal”. But the key ideas were there: A coach to guide you; a group to put some peer pressure on; and an intensity much, much deeper than a typical gym membership. The combination of cardio (kickboxing) and resistance training sounded just right.

So I joined in the Spring of 2010. The results after 10 weeks:

  • I lost 7 pounds
  • Body fat went from 23% to 19%
  • Pushups in 60 seconds went from 11 to 39
  • Situps in 60 seconds went from 19 to 30
  • I can wear size 34 pants!

So I started this blog after my first 10-week session, on the first day of the next session, where I was an old timer, watching the newbies get their bearings. I figured I might be able to give some advice, or collect some good ideas on a blog and share it.

In addition, I still have the Bodybugg, and wear it almost every day. Combining the two has given me fascinating insight into why the Farrell’s program works so well, and how I can best take advantage of the program.

So that’s what this blog is. We’ll see where it goes.  


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