Tip of the Day: Keeping your gloves and wristwraps clean

6 Jul

Tip of the day: Don’t put your wristwraps in a backpack and leave them in a hot car. They get kinda nasty.

At some point you’re going to want to wash the gloves and wristwraps – and I don’t recall them telling you how to do it without ruining them. I’ve washed mine every two to three weeks.

Wristwraps: unwrap them, and fold the velcro back onto itself so its not exposed (it’ll pick up lint and get all tangled if you don’t).

Gloves: Unvelcro the wrists and fold them back on themselves as well, so they’re as open as you can make them.

Throw them both into the washing machine, along with some towels colorfast and lint-free items, and wash normally. I washed on cold, normal cycle.

When done, let them both air dry. The gloves might take two days, so plan accordingly and do it over the weekend.

And remember, don’t leave the wristwraps in musty, humid heat, like in a backpack in a car.

UPDATE: Um, the towels did leave lint all over my wristwraps once, which was annoying but didn’t damage them or anything.


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