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Food Review: Dannon Greek Yogurt, Strawberry

18 Aug
  image Strawberry
Product Dannon All Natural Vanilla Yogurt Dannon Greek Yogurt – Strawberry
Serving Size 6 oz. 5.3 oz
Carbs 26g 17g
Protein 7g 12g
Calories 150 120
Taste 5 out of 6 5 out of 6

I like yogurt, but the usual stuff I get, vanilla yogurt, is pretty high in carbs. I was looking for something with more protein and/or less carbs and ran across (at Hy-Vee on Edgewood) Dannon Greek Yogurt, which has 120 calories, 12g protein and 17g carbs. (The vanilla stuff I used to get had 7g protein and 26g carbs).

Things I like about it:

  • It tastes good! Strawberry and blueberry are best, vanilla is … ok. The “honey” one was nasty.
  • It comes in convenient single-serving containers, so it’s a perfect quick snack.
  • It satisfies a craving for something sweet.
  • It’s got “fruit on the bottom” so it’s kind of familiar, if you liked that.

The only real difference is that the texture is more “solid” than the usual yogurt I bought, but not in a bad way. Stir it up and it’s just as tasty. I give them equal marks on taste.

Try it, and let me know if you agree!


Simple high protein chocolate blueberry smoothie

29 Jun

I looked up a bunch of smoothie recipes that would meet the protein/carb criteria, and decided they were all too complex or didn’t taste good enough to be worth the hassle. I wound up with a simple favorite: a chocolate blueberry protein smoothie. The blueberries give you an excellent antioxidant kick.


1 cup skim milk

1 scoop EAS 23g Whey Protein Chocolate Powder (see notes below)

1 cup frozen blueberries


Put milk in blender. Add chocolate. Add blueberries. Blend until the blender is making a constant vortex. Pour and enjoy.

Nutrition Information:



The EAS mix is the whey protein kind, not the soy protein kind. I got the whey protein at Sam’s club. In the 10 week program, I easily went through the 2lb tub, with smoothies most days.

The correct packaging looks like either of these two (one is a 5lb bag, the other is a 2 lb tub):


This is the Soy protein which seems to me to just have less protein, more carbs and more calories, and not worth it.


I like it with blueberries best, though I sometimes use the cherry blend frozen fruit or strawberries. I got generic ones at Hy-Vee:


Do you have smoothie recipes you like? Post them in comments!