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Spider Pushups

22 Jul

The FIT members (those that have completed the 10 week initial program and have continued on) have a challenge going right now, called “Corepalooza”. You get points for completing various exercises, and the winner gets some Farrell’s gear.

Anyway, the first set required 50 “Spider Pushups”  – which I didn’t know what they were. Watching everyone else do them, they looked sort of like mountain climbers, but I decided I’d Google it, and found out they’re much tougher:

I can do like 3, and I doubt those 3 would qualify as proper form anyway. So I’m doing something that looks like mountain climbers I guess.

The reason I’m posting this is to make sure you know that you’ll never be bored – there’s always new exercises to do!  

UPDATE: Ok, these are far easier to do before a workout than after you’ve already done 100 pushups. But they’re still not easy.


Tip of the day

20 Jul

Today I went to the 5:30 PM class, because I had a meeting in the morning that I couldn’t get around. Right before I went to Farrell’s, though, I ate chips and salsa. Not recommended – I felt like I had raging heartburn and was nauseous the last 10 minutes of the class.

Might not be the same for everybody, but I’m just sayin’, chips and salsa are not the best plan for a quick pre-workout snack.

Not that they would have made the Farrell’s diet plan anyway.

Food and Calorie Log: 7/15/2010

16 Jul

Daily Targets and Actual:

Metric Target* Actual* Notes
Carbohydrate (g) 206 291   Ouch
Protein (g) 99-132 162  
Fat (g) 81 109  
Calories consumed <2,500 2,711 576 calorie deficit
Calories burned 3,500 3,288  
Calories burned at Farrell’s 500 290 Shannon-Marie, Resistance Training

*(Where did these come from?)

Food log

Danged candy apple. But it was tasty.


Week 3 so far: Fail

15 Jul

This week, I travelled to a conference for work in Florida. And they had lobster. And crab legs. And steak. And salad, bread, appetizers and desserts. And that was just one meal. I didn’t keep track. And I didn’t work out in the hotel, beyond a couple of runs up and down 7 flights of stairs. All in all, a pretty bad series of days. I’m guessing that I might be able to claim I broke even on calories in vs. calories out a few of the days, but certainly I didn’t make any progress until today.

Checkpoint for Week 3 is on Saturday, we’ll have to see what the damage is.

Am I discouraged?

A little bit, but it happens sometimes. I’ve never been the sort to dwell on failure or when I make a mistake. After a few days out of sync, I have to get back to the routine of it all: getting up in the morning for Farrell’s, measuring food portions, and entering everything into the Bodybugg web application. Being discouraged won’t help me get anything accomplished, so I have to push it out of my mind, and get back on the wagon.

The routine is important.

When I’m tired in the morning, and I don’t want to get up, I just convince myself that if I can just get to class, I’ll be all set. And it’s totally true: once I’m there, I’m almost always ready to roll. I’m energized and the rest of the day flows from there. You might notice from the food entries that I’m often eating the same recipes frequently. I’ll admit I do like the recipes, but it’s also the habit of knowing the recipes and trusting them.

So, I’m back in the saddle and ready to roll. I got on my bike this morning and rode downtown, perhaps 4 miles each way with a good monster hill and a steady grade on the way back. If I play the rest of the week right – I’ve got today and Friday to make up at least a little ground, I can maybe breakeven for the week or maybe make a little dent at weighin on Saturday.    

Food and Calorie Log: 7/5/2010

6 Jul

Daily Targets and Actual:

Metric Target* Actual* Notes
Carbohydrate (g) 206 213  
Protein (g) 99-132 175  
Fat (g) 81 102  
Calories consumed <2,500 2,451 721 calorie deficit.
Calories burned 3,500 3,172  
Calories burned at Farrell’s 500 518 Pete again 🙂

*(Where did these come from?)

Food log

I’ve got to find healthier cottage cheese!


Food and Calorie Log: 7/4/2010

6 Jul

Free day! I aimed for about break-even today.

Food and Calorie Log: 7/3/2010

6 Jul

Daily Targets and Actual:

Metric Target* Actual* Notes
Carbohydrate (g) 206  
Protein (g) 99-132  
Fat (g) 81  
Calories consumed <2,500  
Calories burned 3,500 3,122  
Calories burned at Farrell’s 500 Skipped, travelling for July 4th

*(Where did these come from?)

Food log

Didn’t record it but I’m guessing a break-even day.